About Us

Our Vision:
At JXN Housing our primary objective is to manage rental properties well for the benefit of our clients and customers.  We intend to help increase our clients returns on their existing rental properties by:
  1. Quickly leasing up available units - At JXN Housing we have a full team of leasing agents who are actively taking inquiry calls about rental our available rentals through our voice over internet protocol phone system.  All in all, what we've learned from nearly ten years in the management business is that nothing - absolutely nothing - beats a team of licensed real estate agents answering the phone who are being compensated to lease rental property to qualified applicants.  
  2. Keeping tenants - It's just one more way that our owner see the benefit of professional rental property management.  At JXN Housing one of the most important things we hope to be doing for our clients and our customers is to get leases renewed.  The most cost event for both a landlord and a tenant about a rental property is turn-over.  It is our objective to resolve issues with the client, the customer and the asset we manage before they become a hindrance to a tenant renewing a lease.
  3. Keeping maintenance cost down - It is our objective to see your property perform at its maximum potential.  We all know that all houses are in an active state of deterioration, and therefore they must be maintained.  Rental property do not come without maintenance expenses, and yet it is our objective to keep those cost as low as we can while still using well qualified, licensed, insured contractors.
Our Experience:
Like you we own rental property here in Jackson, MS, and we know what it takes to manage it well.  Our experience isn't based on models learned from a book.  This isn't purely theorehtical knowledge drawn from the MLS.  Rather our management is based in experience.  We have made and lost money on these specific streets where you are buying investment property.  We know this well, and we too are still actively buying and selling.  You'll recognize the camaraderie when you become a client.    

Physical Address:

1104 N. Jefferson St. Jackson, MS 39202


Ronda Ashe                                                             Ronda processes our leases, rents, draft checks, manages
Asst. Property Manger                                              collections, and processes our new incoming clients. Ronda can
ronda@jxnhousing.com                                             answer any question about your payments.
Ext. 103

Dallis Ketchum                                                        Dallis Ketchum is Principal Broker of JXN Housing, a licensed MS
Realtor | Broker | Property Manager                           Real Estate Brokerage.  He is the head and final decision maker
dallis@jxnhousing.com                                             at JXN Housing.
Ext. 101